The Castle of Ferrara (Castello Estense)

Relational AI deals very effectively with complex domains involving many and even a varying number of entities connected by complex relationships. Relational data is becoming increasingly available in the form of Knowledge Graphs, Linked Data, Semantic Web, Ontologies, Description Logic Theories, Relational Databases, Datalog Programs and Logic Programs. Being able to reason on such data is thus attracting much interest.

RAID 2018 aims at bringing together practitioners of Relational AI and its modern extensions for uncertainty handling and knowledge extraction.

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ACAI 2018

Advanced Course on AI: Statistical Relational Artificial Intelligence
August 27th - 31st 2018

PLP 2018
Fifth Workshop on Probabilistic Logic Programming
September 1st 2018
ILP 2018
28th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming
September 2nd - 4th 2018


Registrations are open. Visit the registration page for all the information.


All events are hosted by the Department of Architecture (Tassoni Estense Palace) of the University of Ferrara, in Via della Ghiara 36, Ferrara, Italy. For more information about getting to Ferrara, please see the venue page of one of the events (ACAI 2018 or ILP 2018).



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